How The SEO Helps A Website?

The number one reason why SEO is necessary is it makes your website more useful for both users and search engines. The latter becomes getting more complex every day. However, search engines still can"t view a web page like how human see a site. Considering that limitation, SEO is vital for search engines to determine the content of a page and whether or not it will benefit the user.

Now let"s look at some examples to see things clearer:

There is a website dedicated to the sale of children"s books. The term “coloring pictures" has around 673,000 searches per month. Let"s say the first result that appears after doing a search on Google gets 22% of clicks (CTR = 22%). That website would get about 148,000 visits per month.

Now, how much are these 148,000 visits worth? Let’s say that that term cost per click is $ 0.20 we are talking about more than $ 29,000 a month. This scenario is only one state; there will be more if that website has a business oriented to several countries. Every hour there is 1.4 trillion searches in the world. Of those searches, 70% of the clicks are in organic results. Also, 75% of users do not reach the second page. Jacksonville SEO expert can help you increase the number of clicks on your website.

SEO is an effective way for internet users to find you through searches in which your website is relevant. These users are searching for what you offer them. The best way to reach them is through a search engine.

How do search engines work?

To put it simply, the operation of a search engine happens in two steps: crawling and indexing.


A search engine runs the web crawling through a program called bots. These bots go through all the pages through the links (hence the importance of a good link structure). They go from one link to another and collect data on those web pages which they will send to their servers.

The search engine starts the crawl process with a list of web addresses from previous crawls and sitemaps provided by other web pages. After accessing these websites, the bots look for links to other pages to visit them. Bots are especially attracted to new sites and changes to existing websites.

The bots will automatically decide which pages to visit, how often and how long they are going to track that the web. SEO services can help a website have a quick load time and updated content.

If needed, you can restrict the crawling of certain pages or certain content to prevent them from appearing in the search results. You can instruct search engine bots not to crawl certain pages through the “robots.txt" file.


Indexing comes after bot has crawled a web page and compiled the necessary information. These pages are included in an index. The search engine will sort the pages according to their content, authority, and relevance. So when we query the search engine, it will be much easier to show the results that are more related to our query.

During the early days, search engines base their ranking on how many times the page repeats a word. When they are doing a search, they track in their index those terms to find which pages had them in their texts. Currently, search engines are more complex. They base their indexes on hundreds of different aspects like the date of publication if they contain images, videos or animations, microformats, etc. They now give more priority to content quality.

After the tracking and indexing the pages, that is the time when the algorithm acts. Algorithms are computer processes that decide which pages appear before or after the search results. After the search, in a matter of milliseconds, the algorithms can search the indexes. It will arrange which pages are the most relevant considering the hundreds of positioning factors.

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8 Tips for Moving to Jacksonville

Moving can be a very stressful time. From packing to moving day to pack up, it can be difficult to know where to start and can seem very overwhelming. However, some measures can be taken to ensure that the move is as efficient and stress-free as possible.


As soon as you decide to move, start collecting boxes. You can buy boxes at a wholesale store, or you can visit your local grocery store, liquor store, or any store that has supplies in boxes, and ask if they have any boxes that you can take off their hands. Collect a variety of sizes, from large to small. Also, buy some masking or any other type of tape. It can be used to seal the bottom of the boxes before you start packing to ensure that the boxes do not break, and then used to seal the tops once you have begun packing. It is also wise to have a magic marker so you can label your boxes.


Packing can be a tedious and challenging task. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you should start packing as soon as you can. For example, if you pack two months before your moving date, you give yourself plenty of time to pack in an organized, tidy fashion and eliminate a lot of stress. Start to pack items that you do not use often. For example, if you move during the summer, you can start by packing the items that you would use in the fall or winter.

Protect your valuables

When packing, be sure to protect the fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper. Just pack some perishable items in a box, separating them with Styrofoam, cardboard or newspapers.

Label well

Name each box after packing stuff which makes unpacking easier. Label the box according to which room it belongs, for example, living room, and even label the contents of the box, picture frames, throw blanket. It allows the Jacksonville movers (if you have hired them or your friends to help) to know which room each box belongs in the moving day. It will also help you to find out where your personal belongings are when it comes time to pack. Remember to label boxes which have fragile items.

Set a schedule with movers or rent a truck

At least one month in advance, call Ponte Vedra Beach movers or rent a moving truck that you can drive yourself. You want to make sure that the movers and a truck will be available on the day of your move, and these things can book up quickly. If you do the move yourself, you must notify your friends or family in advance.

Pack necessities separately

Before you pack away everything, make sure you set aside the items will immediately be needed when you arrive at your new location. For example, all medications, toilet, for a change of clothes and something to sleep in can be a good idea to pack a bag over night so that you have your needs on hand for the first night in the new place.

Moving day

Pick up your truck or be prepared for your movers to arrive. Keep the vehicle as organized as possible so that you can quickly unload boxes when you arrive at your new location. Move large objects first, followed by smaller objects.


Once you"ve moved all your belongings, take a break, and then start packing. Start with the rooms that are most essential, such as your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. As you have noticed all your boxes, you will have no problem finding what you need.