Most Lucrative Small Business in Jacksonville

If you want to have financial freedom, you might be thinking of a good business to start in Jacksonville. The business should be small enough to start with small capital but will give you good profit. Jacksonville is a large city in terms of population and land mass. In fact, that city has the largest population in Florida. As for land mass, not only that it is the biggest in the state but throughout the continental United States. Why start a business in Florida? One of the reasons why it is good to start a business in Jacksonville, Florida is that there is no state or local personal income tax. It also has a strong local economy with a good foundation. On top of that, a good number a tourist is visiting that city every year. You can also take advantage of SEO in Florida to boost your business.

If you are currently residing or planning to live in Jacksonville, the following are some small business ideas that you can try.

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Investment Opportunities and Business Ideas In Florida

Tourism Related Business

Visitors or Tourist Guide

As mentioned earlier, Jacksonville receives a lot of tourists. As a city with a lot of beaches, entertainment, and recreational facilities, it has thousands of visitors each year. If you know the city like the back of your hand, you can take advantage of that knowledge and start a tour guide business. You can start alone on a part-time or full-time basis. To do this business, you need to be very friendly and sociable.

You barely have to shell out any money for this business, all you need is your expertise about the city.

Transport Service

Another service needs that arise because of the number of visitors in the city is the need for transportation service. Not all tourists bring their car, and public transport is not for everybody. Take advantage of this situation by creating your transport service. All you need is a decent car and a driving license. You can do this as a part-time job every weekend carrying tourists to their destination.

If you want to go full blast, you need to set up a business and register it as a transport company.

Translation Service

Jacksonville, just like other major cities in Florida is a multicultural and multilingual city. Because of this status, there will always be a demand for a translator. Tourists who visit the city are not just from the United States but all over the world. If you are fluent in a foreign language, why not make some money out of that knowledge. You can get the service of an online marketing company to promote your business.

Aside from catering to tourists, your service is also needed by local businesses. If a shop wants to sell more to tourists, they need a translator to help their prospective foreign customer.

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Products and Service Provider

Export business

Since Jacksonville has a port; products can be shipped all over the world. If you have goods to offer such as agricultural products, processed foods, or artworks, you can take advantage of the city’s location to start a small export business.

Errand Services

Jacksonville can also be considered as a business center due to the number of corporations in the area. This makes people have a hectic schedule, and they no longer have time to do basic chores. A lot of people need help in doing things like babysitting, picking up kids from school, or walking the dog. If you have some spare time and doing some extra chores don’t bother you, try this one out.

Smartphone Repair

Jacksonville’s population is almost nine hundred thousand, and around 90 percent of that population has a smartphone. This means there will always be people who have a broken smartphone that is willing to have it fixed. However, you need to have the tools and technical skills and knowledge in fixing smartphones to do this. Once you’ve started providing this service, even just part-time basis, there won’t be a day where you won’t have a customer.

Food truck or Restaurant

Food is one of the necessities of life. Considering the city’s huge population and visitors, there will always be a need for this type of business. If you are good at cooking, use that skill by offering catering service, starting a food truck, or putting up a restaurant if you have the budget.

Please note that the ideas in this article are just basic guides. Don’t just jump into these businesses especially the ones where you need to spend some money. Conduct a thorough feasibility study first before investing even a single penny.

Aside from a brilliant idea and good management skills, hard work and tenacity are also one of the recipes for success.